The Innovators: Companies along the 10/12 corridor leaping into innovation

Beau Berthelot, Maritime Partners, Metairie

The industrial market is changing, and some Louisianans are finding opportunities in that change. Economic volatility, environmental mandates, geopolitics and a variety of other factors are prompting them—and the companies that serve them—to innovate and adapt in order to survive.

For those companies along the 10/12 corridor who take the leap into innovation, their reasons are as varied as the products they produce and services that they offer. They’re investing in greener ways to manufacture their products, incorporating data analytics and AI into their processes, and incorporating the use of alternative fuels, along with other initiatives.

Ultimately, they all share a common thread: a culture of change and resiliency. The current issue of 10/12 Industry Report highlights a few of these game changers who are seeking to transform the rules, and by doing so hope to gain a competitive advantage.