In the Tech Lab with Danos

(Photography by Don Kadair) Mark Danos

At the Danos corporate office in Gray is the company’s Tech Lab, where technologies such as virtual reality and 3D printing are available for personnel to play with.

As the leadership of the company tells Offshore Engineer magazine, Danos believes technology will transform the oil industry, so it is actively focused on how to deploy the latest tech to help customers work more efficiently and cost-effectively.

“Our company will look very different five years from now,” says owner Mark Danos. “The headline is technology.”

Danos is a family-owned third-generation operation that has long been a services company and more recently developed as a projects company as well.

“What we offer is people, manhours,” Danos says. “The future of the oil industry is less people and less manhours, and we have to figure out how to change.”

That answer revolves around technology, Offshore Engineer reports, which is changing the way people do work and interact with facilities. Danos notes that virtual reality and communications can make it possible to minimize the number of people who have to travel to a facility. As a result, the company is looking at putting cameras on hard hats to enable one person to travel to the facility and then rely on remote experts to walk the on-site person through a task.

“It seemed like we were playing with toys. Practical people were asking, ‘Why are we wasting time playing with toys?’ The whole point is to open the collective mind, to get them to think about the technology, to see the tremendous possibilities,” Danos tells the publication in a story published last week. “We are exposing our organization to technologies. I don’t know the solution and applications of these technologies, but when you expose the technologies to our team, you have these ‘A-ha!’ moments. Maybe you can use it like this, or maybe you can use it like that.’”

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