Capital Region districts among tops in US for high-tech manufacturing exports


Louisiana Congressional Districts 6 and 2 rank among the nation’s highest for high-tech manufacturing exports, according to a new district-by-district report out Thursday from the Information Technology Industry Council.

The report contends that an economy armed with high-tech workers, startups and exports is a more resilient one, with higher wages and productivity. Further, the data shows that while the U.S. as a whole is diverse, individual regions may be strong in one tech field over another.

For example, while three Louisiana congressional districts were listed among the top 50 congressional districts for high-tech manufacturing exports, the state as a whole ranked last in IT share of total exports and last in the amount of STEM workers relative to the state’s gross domestic product.

How Louisiana ranks versus other states and Washington D.C.:

• High-tech manufacturing exports share of state’s gross state product: 4th
• STEM share of total workforce: 49th
• High-tech sector share of output: 20th
• High-tech sector output per worker: 12th
• High-tech sector share of wages: 32nd
• Average high-tech wages: 30th

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