Louisiana is becoming a leader in climate change initiatives

David Dismukes

Louisiana is on the front lines of national and global initiatives to combat climate change, reports Engineering News-Record.

At the start of this year, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards and his Climate Initiatives Task Force unanimously approved the state’s inaugural Climate Action Plan, including suggestions for easing the effects of climate change, ways to maintain competitiveness in a low-carbon future, and insights into how to transition to clean energy.

“Costs are competitive relative to where they have been historically, so the ability to install these technologies have fewer bottom-line impacts,” says Dr. David Dismukes, executive director of the LSU Center for Energy Studies.

Also, the investment community is expecting companies to reduce their exposure to climate-related risks, adds Dismukes. Otherwise, there will be a lack of investment in companies failing to transition and invest in green energy.

“There is a growing trend in customers becoming more selective in the projects and services they demand. Consumers increasingly want companies that are pursuing environmental best practices,” Dismukes says. Read the entire story.