Nutrien plans world’s largest clean ammonia plant in Geismar by 2024

Nutrien, one of the largest producers of potash and nitrogen fertilizers, has struck a deal with Denbury Carbon Solutions to handle captured emissions from Nutrien’s planned Louisiana ammonia facility – a project that the company says will be the largest clean ammonia plant in the world, reports S&P Global.

Under the agreement, announced last week, Denbury would transport 1.8 million mt/year of CO2 captured from the ammonia plant in Geismar to a saline aquifer roughly 10 miles away near Donaldsonville. The CO2 will be stored in the aquifer permanently.

Nutrien, a Canadian company, said the $2 billion plant will capture at least 90% of CO2 emissions as it strives to serve growing demand from agriculture, industrial and emerging energy markets. It’s expected to have a production capacity of 1.2 million mt/year of clean ammonia produced using an auto thermal reforming technology, a process that uses a natural gas feedstock.

A final investment decision is expected in 2023, followed by construction in 2024. Full production would begin in 2027. Read the entire story.