LSU grant to advance carbon capture and storage technologies in Louisiana


LSU petroleum engineering associate professor Mehdi Zeidouni has been awarded a $252,160 grant from the LSU Institute for Energy Innovation to support his work tracking subsurface carbon dioxide flow and well-sealing capacity in geological carbon storage projects, reports The Reveille.

Zeidouni’s research will introduce new methods for acquiring and analyzing pressure and temperature data. It will enable a quantitative estimation of critical parameters such as the lateral and vertical extent of carbon dioxide plumes, injection profiles and the migration of carbon dioxide upwells.

The grant will also support Zeidouni’s research by funding research assistants, including three master’s and two doctoral students, while also helping to establish industry partnerships.

The innovative approach has garnered support from four research partners: Advanced Resources International, Carbonvert, BASF and the Gulf Coast Carbon Center at the Bureau of Economic Geology. Through collaboration with these partners, Zeidouni plans to implement his proposed monitoring approaches in a practical and cost-effective manner, contributing to the advancement of CCS technologies. Read more.