Head instructor Thomas E Warren. Courtesy Louisiana Community and Technical College System

The Inaugural Louisiana Certified Workforce Developer (CWD) class was recognized at the June meeting of the Louisiana Community and Technical College System, where graduates also received their certificates of completion. The CWD program is a first-of-its-kind certification program designed to advance knowledge, skills and relationships relative to economic and workforce development in Louisiana.

The CWD is a premier workforce development credential that was developed as a result of the successful partnership between LED FastStart and Louisiana’s community and technical colleges, along with support from local and state economic and workforce development professionals.

“What we’ve developed here is second to none. I’ve been in programs in other states and this program is one of the strongest I’ve ever seen. We are strong and we will continue to be very competitive,” said Jeff Lynn, executive director of Workforce Development Programs at LED FastStart and one of the key facilitators of the program.

Graduates of the CWD program will demonstrate mastery in the following:

  • understanding the elements of successful workforce development best practices within the field
  • the significance of workforce development as it relates to the state’s economic development objectives
  • knowledge of key partners in the economic development process and clear understanding of roles and responsibilities
  • best practices for serving on a prospect team in recruitment and retention efforts
  • researching and understanding workforce demographics
  • best practices for assessing business and industry needs relative to training and workforce development
  • knowledge of curriculum and training resources available
  • knowledge of funding strategies to support program development and conduct
  • techniques for evaluating training requirements in conjunction with employers, including skills and task analysis at the position level
  • development of custom and comprehensive training plans
  • pricing strategy and development of successful proposals
  • effective strategies for maintaining strong relationships with clientele over time

The first cohort began training in September 2015 and included workforce solutions personnel from community and technical colleges throughout the state of Louisiana, select personnel from the LCTCS system office, and colleagues from LED FastStart.

Future iterations of the program will include key players from other areas of LCTCS institutions, individuals from local and regional economic development organizations, and personnel from other key state agencies and four-year institutions.


THE 2015-2016 CWD CLASS

YaSheka Adams, Senior Manager, Talent Management
LED FastStart

Dean Baugh, Director of Economic and Workforce Development
Louisiana Delta Community College

Dale Doty, Chancellor
River Parishes Community College

Joseph Fleishman, Vice Chancellor of Economic and Workforce Development
SOWELA Technical Community College

Ernest Frazier, Director of Workforce Development
Nunez Community College

Charlie Freeburgh, Senior Vice Chancellor for Workforce Development
Baton Rouge Community College

Larissa Littleton-Steib, Vice Chancellor, Workforce and Technical Education
Delgado Community College

David Lloyd, Director of Workforce Development
Northshore Technical College

Barry May, Regional Manager, Project Operations (BPCC)
LED FastStart

Earl Meador, Interim Chancellor
Fletcher Technical Community College

Cindy Poskey, Vice Chancellor of Workforce Development
South Central Louisiana Technical College

Todd Rossnagel, Manager of Media Services
LED FastStart

Willie Smith, Vice Chancellor of Economic and Workforce Development
South Louisiana Community College

Curtis Storms
Northwest Louisiana Technical College

Brenda Thompson, Vice Chancellor of Workforce
Central Louisiana Technical Community College

Lisa Vosper, Associate Commissioner for Workforce Education and Training
Louisiana Board of Regents

Barbara Waiters, Director Community and Economic Development
Delgado Community College

Originally published in the third quarter 2016 edition of 10/12 Industry Report