BLS: Louisiana is second best southern state for construction jobs


Louisiana ranks as the 9th best state for construction jobs in the U.S., outranking all other southern states except for West Virginia, reports LBM Journal.

To determine the state’s ranking, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) assigned it a location quotient of 1.43. The location quotient is a metric used to to assess the level of concentration of a specific industry within a particular state in comparison to the entire nation.

Additionally, Louisiana’s GSP (Gross State Product) was recorded at $219.1 billion for 2023, $7.08 billion of which came from the construction sector. The average annual construction salary in Louisiana was estimated to be $50,350.

According to the BLS, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Montana are identified as the best states for construction jobs on the basis of location quotient. The industry’s overall outlook is optimistic, and the construction sector is predicted to experience significant growth throughout 2024. Read more.