Will Louisiana industry take a leadership role in the energy transition?

POWERED BY C02: At LSU, a team supervised by John Flake, department chair in LSU’s Department of Chemical Engineering, is researching ways to utilize carbon dioxide as an alternative fuel in the conversion of ethane to ethylene, which is used in everything from plastic products to clothing to detergents and hand soaps. Photo courtesy of LSU

Louisiana industry’s movement away from traditional forms of energy has begun, reports 10/12 Industry Report in its latest issue. Biofuels, hydrogen, green ammonia, and the utilization of carbon dioxide are each getting their own attention, but the pace in which they’ll become reality is up for debate.

Demand will be the primary driver. There is a growing worldwide need for net-zero products, and new markets for alternative fuels are being developed at an accelerating pace. The marine industry, for example, is already fabricating E-methanol- and hydrogen-fueled watercraft, and ports such as the Port of South Louisiana are preparing themselves for the eventuality of e-methanol bunkering. 

As a supplier, CF Industries in Donaldsonville has made significant recent investments in its operations to produce green ammonia to meet demand for low-carbon products in the agriculture industry, and to provide an alternative fuel for the maritime industry (hydrogen is a component of ammonia). Read the entire story