Venture Global kicks off Louisiana’s construction ‘thrill ride’

“It is the number one challenge that most industrial contractors are facing right now. Everyone is in the same boat.” PEPPER RUTLAND, president and CEO, MMR Group (Don Kadair)

It seems Louisiana’s long-predicted construction surge is really happening. As large as it is, Venture Global’s current $21 billion Plaquemines LNG project job is merely a bellwether of things to come, unlike previous years when reality didn’t quite live up to expectations.

While other LNG projects might have tapped the brakes a bit across south Louisiana, there are plenty of other projects announced along the 10/12 corridor either breaking ground, in design or expected to reach FIDs soon, reports 10/12 Industry Report in its latest issue.

As a result, industrial construction was the most significant contributor to jobs growth in Louisiana last year, with Baton Rouge – which supports the largest concentration of industrial contractors – leading the pack. Lake Charles and New Orleans weren’t far behind. Read the entire story.