Tammy Little’s leadership epiphany at Shell Norco

Tammy Little is the General Manager of Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Norco. Photo by Tim Mueller

Tammy Little served several stints at Shell Norco and other facilities before assuming the plant manager’s role. Her leadership skills began taking shape while serving as an engineer in the olefins plant, where she developed and executed ideas to ensure plant operations ran more smoothly. At another facility, she innovatively tackled and developed solutions for a variety of operational challenges.

Through those and other experiences, she came to an epiphany, reports 10/12 Industry Report in its latest issue. “It taught me to serve those who were counting on me and to do the best that I could,” Little says. “I learned to have faith and trust that it would ultimately pay dividends.”

This brand of “servant leadership” is particularly important now that she’s back at Norco in a decidedly more significant role. Read more.