‘Scope 3’ emissions are often overlooked in the quest for carbon neutrality

“We believe that until companies comprehensively understand their carbon footprints, the problem isn’t going to be solved.” ZACH SCOTT, head of U.S. carbon for global oil and gas shipper Trafigura, speaking with Laura Zapata at the Energy Transition Conference in Houston (Sam Barnes)

As industrial owners aggressively pursue their own internal environmental goals, the emissions from shipping, trucking, rail, air and pipeline are often overlooked, reports 10/12 Industry Report in its latest issue.

That’s significant, as the supply chain produces an estimated 60% of emissions in the U.S., says Stuart Page, a senior consultant in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office in Houston.

“It’s a big chunk of where our emissions come from, which means there’s real opportunity there,” says Page, who moderated a panel at the recent Energy Transition Conference in Houston, sponsored by Reuters Events. “But when looking at the top 2,000 companies in the world, only about one-third of them have credible, science-based net-zero 2050 targets.” Read more.