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RIGID Constructors (“RIGID”), a leading provider of heavy civil and marine construction services to clients in both the public and private sectors, announces the successful redemption of membership units previously held by Founder, Mr. Cody Fortier. The redemption marks the conclusion of the partnership between RIGID and Mr. Fortier.

The decision to redeem Mr. Fortier’s equity aligns with RIGID leadership’s strategic vision for the future and underscores its commitment to providing innovative and quality construction services and reliable client relationships. “We are grateful for each and every employee, strategic partner, stakeholder, vendor, and customer whose commitment to RIGID has made, and will continue to make, RIGID successful,” said Steve Means, CEO of RIGID Constructors. “As we move forward, RIGID is excited to leverage our strengths and expertise to drive continued innovation and excellence in the heavy construction sector.”

While RIGID has occasionally navigated through modest challenges with certain projects in the past, the recent strategic realignment emphasizes its steadfast commitment to excellence. As RIGID continues to fortify its position along the Gulf Coast of the United States and expand its horizons, RIGID remains steadfast in its mission to deliver premier construction services that not only meet but exceed expectations. RIGID remains dedicated to delivering quality work at exceptional value to its customers, partners, clients, and stakeholders. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, the company is well-positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities and address evolving demands.

Projects Highlighting RIGID Constructors Commitment to Excellence:

Magnolia Power Generating Station Unit 1 – Earthworks:

RIGID Constructors completed comprehensive earthworks for the Magnolia Power Generating Station in Iberville Parish, Louisiana. This encompassed the implementation of erosion control measures, including 6500 LF of Silt Fence and soil stabilization through 94,000 SY of Lime Treatment. Installation of 52,000 tons of Limestone Paving with 60,000 SY of geogrid underlayment was also part of the project. Additionally, RIGID conducted site excavation and embankment work, involving 50,000 CY of onsite cut/fill, and erected 7000 LF of fencing. Moreover, 40 acres of land were cleared/grubbed.

These efforts enhanced the station’s infrastructure, improved safety measures, and provided upgraded parking facilities, benefiting both the facility operations and the surrounding community. The completion of the Magnolia Power Generating Station Unit 1 significantly impacts the surrounding communities by increasing the affordability and sustainability of electricity, particularly in rural areas. RIGID Constructors’ contribution aligns with the state’s goals for modernizing infrastructure and ensuring access to clean and affordable energy for all residents.

Calcasieu River and Pass Dredged Material Management Plan – Rehabilitation of Confined Disposal Area:

RIGID Constructors played a vital role in the rehabilitation of Confined Disposal Area D along the Calcasieu River and Pass. This encompassed clearing and grubbing approximately 50 acres of land, degrading the area to elevation 9.0, moving 3,100,000 cubic yards of material to the lake side of the area, and placing borrow material in the foreshore dike disposal area. Surveying operations were conducted to ensure precision throughout the project.

These efforts significantly impacted the local community by promoting environmental conservation, supporting commercial activities reliant on maritime transportation in the Cameron Parish area, and stimulating economic growth. The restoration of Confined Disposal Area D safeguards the natural ecosystem along the Calcasieu River and its connecting areas, enhances navigability for industries such as shipping and fishing, and contributes to the economic prosperity of the region.

Biloxi Marsh Living Shoreline Project – Coastal Shoreline Protection:

Located in Biloxi Marsh, Louisiana, RIGID Constructors undertook a significant project aimed at enhancing the resilience of the marshland. The primary focus was on installing a breakwater system to protect against environmental factors threatening the delicate ecosystem. This involved implementing a cutting-edge “living shoreline” approach, utilizing special application Wave Attenuation Devices (WADs) and ShoreJax placed atop fabrics. The installation process, conducted by barges equipped with advanced material handling equipment, included the installation of approximately 13 miles of shoreline protection

This project holds immense significance due to its contribution to safeguarding the ecological balance of the Biloxi Marsh. By embracing innovative techniques, RIGID Constructors not only minimized the project’s ecological footprint but also ensured the preservation of the marsh’s delicate ecosystem. The “living shoreline” concept employed in the project sets a new standard for environmentally friendly coastal protection measures, fostering ecological balance while offering robust protection against erosion and coastal threats. This initiative serves as a model for future projects, emphasizing the importance of harmonizing construction practices with nature to promote sustainability and protect invaluable natural habitats.

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