Melancon: Pipeline disputes could pose risks to Louisiana’s energy sector [Opinion]

Tallgrass Energy crude oil pipeline

Editor’s note: This is a guest column written by Charlie Melancon. The viewpoints expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of 10/12 Industry Report or its staff.

An ongoing court case over Louisiana pipelines could have far-reaching and dangerous consequences for Louisiana landowners and for future investments in the Bayou State, says Charles Melancon in a recent opinion piece submitted to 10/12 Industry Report. The issues at stake could affect regulatory structures, permitting customs, and property rights.

In 2009, midstream energy company Energy Transfer was granted permanent and exclusive rights to construct, operate, and maintain pipelines along a stretch of land across North Louisiana. After paying for and securing these rights, Energy Transfer constructed a high-volume natural gas transmission pipeline stretching from Panola County, Texas to Richland Parish, Louisiana.

The guarantee of exclusive rights to this land is critically important.  Read more.