Not exploring AI, digital twins or robotic technology? You might get left behind


It all began years ago, when industrial owners started digitizing their processes to gain more operational insight into their facilities. Whether they knew it or not, they were laying the groundwork for what would one day give rise to a host of emerging technologies once considered impractical.

In the early years of the annual Tec-Next Conference at Baton Rouge’s Shaw Center, ideas such as digital twins, generative AI, robotic inspections and virtual reality-based training were being tossed around, but they seemed more academic than practical in the industrial space.

That’s all changed now, reports 10/12 Industry Report in its latest issue, and tech experts warn that if industrial owners don’t get on board they’ll risk being left behind.

Equipping both workers and managers to implement and utilize emerging technologies will be the next big challenge for industry, particularly given the speed in which these technologies are evolving. Read more.