New funding could whittle away at state’s infrastructure needs, but the list is long

INTERSTATE GRIDLOCK: I-10 through Baton Rouge to the industrial corridor has remained a source of congestion and traffic slowdowns for years, significantly impacting the flow of people, goods and services. iStock

South Louisiana’s confluence of waterways, rail, pipelines and interstates was undoubtedly the reason for industry to locate here. Unfortunately, the “to do” list of infrastructure enhancements needed for the state to remain competitive is problematically long, reports 10/12 Industry Report in its latest issue.

The $1 trillion federal infrastructure bill, passed in late 2021, provided a glimmer of hope for some of Louisiana’s backlogged projects, as it came with a promise to funnel billions to states and local governments to upgrade outdated roads, bridges and transit systems. Of particular note was the bill’s intention to repair and rebuild thoroughfares and bridges, meliorate airports and ports, invest in passenger rail, improve infrastructure resiliency and fortify the power infrastructure.

For Louisiana, it has freed up funding for some long-delayed, long-overdue projects. Read more.