Cyberattack Dos and Don’ts

Jeff Moulton

Jeff Moulton, president and CEO of cybersecurity research and service company Stephenson Technologies Corp. in Baton Rouge, says ransomware attacks, hacks, compromised networks and data spills have become the new normal, and no one is immune, reports 10/12 Industry Report. “The whole paradigm has changed,” Moulton says. “You’re no longer judged by the fact that you’re attacked; you’re judged on how you respond.”

He says ransomware, the most common and highly publicized type of attack, is being perpetuated by those companies that pay the ransom. A particular vulnerability for industrial owners is the increasing connectivity between systems that manage back-office functions and operational processes.

No company is immune from a cyberattack, he says, and size doesn’t matter. For tips on how to prepare and respond to a cyberattack, read the full story.