Rail grant provides $1.5 million for NOPB transloading park

(Courtesy New Orleans Public Belt)

Last week, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development announced the first projects selected to receive $3 million in grant funding under the Class II and III Rail Infrastructure Improvement Program.

As part of the grant, the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad will receive $1.5 million to construct the NOPB Transloading Industrial Park in New Orleans East, reports Biz New Orleans. WATCO’s Louisiana Southern Railroad (LAS) also received $1.5 million for track, rail and bridge upgrades between Hodge and Gibsland in north Louisiana. These improvements will increase fluidity and modernize the respective rail networks, support commerce and the supply chain, while also increasing resiliency needed to combat climate change issues.

The NOPB Transloading Industrial Park will be located on Terminal Road in New Orleans East and serve as a site for shippers to move products between truck and rail. It is expected to serve existing and new NOPB customers and to facilitate business growth in this area by adding cost-effective shipping options with access to new markets. Read the entire story.