Port of South Louisiana’s Matthews says expansions on the way

Courtesy Port of South Louisiana.

Paul Matthews, the new executive director of the Port of South Louisiana, says the recent enactment of the new federal infrastructure bill will undoubtedly help Louisiana and Mississippi ports expand, as well as provide an alternative to congestion at West Coast and East Coast ports, reports the American Journal of Transportation.

“We don’t want to be stagnant on the Lower Mississippi river,” Matthews says. “When you look at the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) and look at expanding these locks on the rivers you can see that industry and the environment can go hand in hand and maximize the movement of cargo and reduce the carbon footprint.

“Companies are willing to pay … to do this. And on the Mississippi River and on the Gulf Coast we want to demonstrate that we are a viable alternative to port congestion on the West and East Coast.” Read the entire story.