River pilots associations launch ‘Open Waters’ initiative

E. Michael Bopp, president, Crescent River Port Pilots’ Association. Cheryl Gerber.

The Crescent River Port Pilots and the New Orleans-Baton Rouge Steamship Pilots Associations launched The Open Waters initiative on Jan. 19, reports The Maritime Executive. The program aims to improve industry diversity and enhance public awareness of Louisiana’s maritime industry.

The initiative plans to inform, educate and enhance accessibility, transparency and opportunity to Louisiana’s maritime industry through resources and outreach programs, including a web-based information center for the public, government leaders and community stakeholders.

“Louisianians cross the Mississippi River and its tributaries every day, but very few see the river as a link to commerce and career opportunities for themselves and their families,” says Captain E. Michael Bopp, president of the Crescent River Port Pilots’ Association. Historically, Louisiana’s waterways and its workers have played a vital role in shaping business and cultural life from New Orleans to Shreveport. Read the entire press release.