Harvey Marine now operating five dual-fueled LNG supply vessels

(Courtesy Gulf Coast Shipyard Group)

Since launching its first offshore supply vessel powered by liquefied natural gas in 2015, Harvey Gulf International Marine of New Orleans company remains alone in providing clean gas-fueled support services in the Gulf of Mexico.

Since launching the Harvey Energy, the nearly 65-year-old company now has five dual-fuel LNG vessels under contract to provide platform support services to deepwater operators, WorkBoat reports. The sister vessels operate out Louisiana’s Port Fourchon, where Harvey Gulf operates a one-of-a-kind fueling dock with 300,000 gallons of LNG capacity.

In addition to being powered by cleaner burning natural gas, the vessels bear the “ENVIRO+, Green Passport” certification by the American Bureau of Shipping. They were the first OSV’s to achieve this certification.

A Congressional Research Service analysis released earlier this year noted LNG is more cost effective than oil-based products as a maritime fuel. “Recent trends suggest that LNG may be cheaper in the long run than conventional fuels,” the report concluded.