Chet Morrison Contractors of Houma debuted a new tool for cleaning drilling and production risers that the company says is safer, faster and more cost-effective than current methods. MUDBUG is an air-actuated, self-propelled device that uses oscillating brushes to clean debris build-up inside risers, moving through the length of the riser and back out again.

“MUDBUG is a giant leap forward in deepwater riser cleaning,” said John DeBlieux, vice president of Deepwater Riser Services for Chet Morrison Contractors. “It’s not only more cost-effective and safer, it’s also better for the environment and customer’s bottom line.”

Unlike other methods, MUDBUG does not require high-pressure water to remove the rust, scale and drilling mud that builds up in drilling and production risers. Instead, MUDBUG uses only 120-psi air to operate, thus eliminating the problem of water disposal and risk associated with high-pressure washing.

MUDBUG can be operated by a two- or three-man crew instead of the usual five-man team required to clean a riser. Because the device is portable, it can easily be transported via plane or helicopter to any remote location either onshore or offshore. Its small job box (2 feet by 4 feet) takes up very little space, making it ideal for rigs or other offshore operations. When operational, MUDBUG is approximately three feet long and 19 inches in diameter.

The “MUDBUG” name was inspired by the crawfish, which pushes back mud and debris to make its home. It has been successfully tested and used in the offshore environment by major drilling contractors. The device comes with an extra motor and all brushes, and is available exclusively through Chet Morrison Contractors ( in the United States, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and Trinidad. A video of the MUDBUG in action is also available at the website.


In June Frank’s International deployed its patented 1,250-ton Buoyancy Module (BM) Spider along with ExPert Landing String Solutions’ Drill Pipe Buoyancy Modules to help Anadarko achieve a nearly 250,000-pound reduction in total weight. It was the industry’s first run of this groundbreaking weight reduction system, which saves time and money and improves safety, according to a release.

Working closely with Anadarko and ExPert to deliver a customized solution, Frank’s completed the job safely and successfully aboard the Diamond Ocean BlackHawk drillship positioned on the Walker Ridge Block 51 Shenandoah V Well in the Gulf. The job also involved using Frank’s 1,250-ton Slip-Type Elevator and Split Bushing Spider to install 19,821 feet of casing and the company’s new 1,250-ton BM Spider and 1,500-ton Drill Pipe Elevator to install 5,929 feet of landing string.

The original expected buoyed string weight of casing and drill pipe was approaching the rig’s weight capacity. Anadarko achieved a 10% reduction in string weight by running ExPert’s Drill Pipe Buoyancy Modules and applying Frank’s BM Spider.


Florida’s MagneGas Corp. reached a milestone in the development of its contract to manufacture and sell to Green Arc Supply LLC a 100kw Plasma-Arc Gasification System that will allow Green Arc to distribute MagneGas2 fuel for the metal-cutting market as a replacement to acetylene. Green Arc signed an agreement for exclusive distribution rights for MagneGas2 for certain regions of Louisiana and Texas, with non-exclusive distribution rights in remaining regions of Louisiana and Texas and all of Arkansas, Mississippi and Oklahoma.

As specified in the $775,000 deal between the two companies, MagneGas originally received payments totaling $392,500 at the signing of their agreement in November 2015 and was due to receive $191,250 upon 75% completion of the system’s construction. MagneGas met this 75% benchmark in early June 2016, ahead of schedule. The balance of the $775,000 is due and payable upon completion of the system. After payment, MagneGas will ship the unit to Green Arc, which is expected to occur in the third quarter of 2016.

Green Arc has the right to expand its exclusivity in the above states with the purchase of additional systems, and has told MagneGas it may purchase several additional systems.

MagneGas owns the patented process that converts various renewable and waste liquids into hydrogen-based fuels that can be used as a replacement to natural gas or for metal cutting. The company’s testing has shown the fuels are faster, cleaner and more productive than other alternatives on the market. Green Arc Supply is a welding supply and industrial gas distributor operating in Tyler and Palestine, Texas, as well as Shreveport, with future plans to expand throughout Texas and Louisiana.

Originally published in the third quarter 2016 edition of 10/12 Industry Report