Save energy and money: How your HVAC system can help

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Consider this: A great many of our commercial properties, schools, hospitals and offices were built before 1980 and haven’t replaced or upgraded their HVAC system. Ever. The HVAC is, by no means, the sexiest of operating expenses, but it ranks up there with basic utilities when it comes to its importance in day-to-day business.

Think about how many buildings are long overdue for a commercial HVAC replacement. If your building is one, there are a few facts to consider before you tackle this important retrofit. We spoke to mechanical contractor, HVAC expert and president of Airtrol Mechanical, Scott Borne to learn more about how to spot when a system is beyond maintenance. Since the 1940s, Airtrol has performed work on landmarks like the State Capitol and the Old Governor’s Mansion as well as Louisiana State University and Southern University.

“The first step is getting a straightforward professional opinion,” Scott says. “When you see the bills getting more expensive and find yourself calling for service more frequently, it’s time to talk to a pro.”

With proper maintenance, your system should last 30+ years and help to keep your energy bill in check, but there comes a time when you’ll need to upgrade that inefficient unit to a new system. Scott says, “New commercial HVAC technology really helps manage the system and lower the expense to run, Scott says, “The savings from energy and service calls can help recoup the expense of the upgrade in just a few years.”

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