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For nearly 20 years, Mullin has been a leader in delivering top-tier landscaping services to high-end residential and commercial clients. With a reputation for excellence and a track record of fostering strong client relationships, Mullin has established itself as a trusted advisor in the landscaping industry.

Recognizing an opportunity to expand its services, Mullin has recently ventured into the industrial sector. In Louisiana, where industrial and refinery facilities abound, Mullin saw an opportunity to leverage its expertise and tailored approach to exceed client expectations in this new market.

“We’re on the front end of technology and cutting-edge processes, and we’ve grown to really understand what the service expectations and safety requirements are,” says Paul Crocker, maintenance division manager at Mullin.

Feedback from facility managers revealed a significant gap in the industrial landscaping segment. Mullin identified this gap as an opportunity to create an innovative service model unique to industrial landscaping, offering tailored solutions designed to meet the specific needs of each client.

One of Mullin’s key value propositions is its dedication to providing site-specific superintendents for each project. This ensures that clients receive personalized attention and service, with a focus on addressing their unique challenges and requirements.

“The superintendent’s job is to not only directly supervise the work going on and ensure absolute safety, but also look ahead at the work that needs to be done, identifying exposures before the crew even gets to them,” Crocker says.

Additionally, Mullin maintains rigorous reporting standards, including daily job reports and Job Safety Analysis (JSA) protocols, to ensure transparency and accountability in its operations.

Innovative technologies, such as remote-controlled (RC) mowers, have enabled Mullin to enhance efficiency and safety in industrial landscaping. These advanced tools allow Mullin to access and maintain areas that were previously considered inaccessible or difficult to maintain, such as steep berms surrounding tank farms. The RC mowers can mow up to 55 degrees of slope and are designed for brushier, taller grass, making them invaluable in maintaining challenging terrain.

“These remote-control mowers are reducing exposure to our human capital, which is invaluable,” Crocker says. “One machine with one operator is covering ground that previously required three to four employees with traditional weed eaters. You take them out of those hazard situations, as well as remove the risk of flying debris to bystanders.”

Mullin’s commitment to safety is evident in its comprehensive safety measures, including third-party safety audits and rigorous safety initiatives. By prioritizing safety at every level of its operations, Mullin ensures the well-being of its employees and clients alike.

Furthermore, Mullin’s diverse fleet of spraying equipment, including tractors, UTVs, specialized flatbed trucks and small pickups, allows workers to navigate various terrains and apply precision herbicide solutions tailored to each industrial site’s needs.

Mullin is primed and ready for growth, supported by a full-time recruiting and HR department that utilizes numerous creative avenues to recruit and retain employees. That enables Mullin to staff up and navigate through all the necessary training, screenings and background checks required to work in the industrial space.

But Mullin goes beyond just filling positions; it invests in its employees’ long-term growth and development. One way it does this is by establishing a career ladder within the company.

“We want to grow, so we make sure that we’re ready,” says Crocker. “Our senior superintendents are always in the process of training a junior superintendent under them. That way, when that next opportunity arrives, we have someone that’s onboarded to the Mullin way and ready to take on that responsibility.”

By providing opportunities for advancement and training, Mullin ensures that its team members are not only prepared for their current roles but also equipped to take on greater responsibilities in the future. This approach not only benefits individual employees but also strengthens Mullin’s overall capacity to excel in the industrial landscaping market.

For more information, visit Mullin online at mullinlandscape.com.