GBRIA issues new COVID-19 guidance for industrial workplaces


The Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance has issued a new guidance document for preparing industrial workplaces, employees, and contractors for COVID-19.

Over the last few months, the association whose members comprise more than 60 industrial sites, gathered the best experts in the industrial community from area facilities, contract maintenance and construction companies, medical and safety providers and held a series of workshops and listening meetings.

Members and staff from the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) and the Alliance Safety Council participated as well.

Brandon Smith, associate director of safety, health and security for GBRIA, explained that the organization developed the guide through a series of meetings with plant managers, maintenance and safety managers. A sub-committee was formed to compile all the great shared information.

The result is a very comprehensive and valuable document that not only covers government issued guidelines but also specific actions for industry. The new guide helps plants decrease the spread of COVID-19 by providing guidance in the areas of site entry requirements, performing work, and social distancing and sanitization.

As Louisiana continues through Phase II of reopening the economy, GBRIA notes, plants are bringing more and more workers back on-site. In addition to wearing face masks, there are many new strategies that have been put in place to keep workers safe, which GBRIA’s guide includes.

Considering the latest spikes in new COVID-19 cases, GBRIA encourages all industrial sites, their suppliers, contractors and other related or similar industries to view and implement strategies in GBRIA’s new guidance document.

Download entire guidance document here.