CF Industries plans $75 million in upgrades to Donaldsonville facility

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CF Industries is investing $75 million into its Donaldsonville Nitrogen Complex.

The investment, according to an advanced notice filed with Louisiana Economic Development, is to modify the complex’s nitric acid plant and upgrade its diesel exhaust fluid unit. The goal of the improvements is to increase the production of both diesel exhaust fluid and merchant grade nitric acid.

The initiative will retain 541 jobs, as well as introduce two new positions and create 85  construction jobs, the filing notes.

The nitric acid plant improvements include the addition of an air chiller to cool the process air supplied to the unit, which will allow the production of 65% nitric acid, rather than the 60% strength currently produced.

Planned improvements to the diesel exhaust fluid production include the addition of a demineralized water storage tank and more process analyzers, as well as pumping system upgrades to allow increased production. A nitric acid storage tank, product pumps, and a DEF rail loading facility will be included, as these are required to store and ship the additional product.

Construction is scheduled to begin in 2024 and last through 2025, the filing indicates.

CF previously invested $2 billion into a low-carbon ammonia plant at its Blue Point Complex in Ascension Parish. Before that, the company made a $41.4 million capital investment to enhance nitric acid production at the Donaldsonville complex.