Kinder Morgan seeks permit for feedgas pipeline to Plaquemines LNG project


Kinder Morgan’s Tennessee Gas Pipeline wants to build a new pipeline and other infrastructure to provide feedgas to Venture Global’s proposed Plaquemines LNG project, S&P Global Platts reports.

The company filed an application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission last week, seeking final authorization by Feb. 1, 2021, designed with a December 2022 completion date in mind.

As proposed, the Tennessee Gas Evangeline Pass Expansion Project would provide 1.1 billion cubic feet per day of feedgas to the Louisiana export project. The $261.7 million facility would comprise 9.1 miles of 36-inch-diameter looping pipeline along Tennessee Gas’ existing Yscloskey lateral in St. Bernard Parish and 4 miles of 36-inch-diameter looping pipeline along its 500-2 Pipeline in Plaquemines Parish. Most of the new compressor station would be built in St. Bernard Parish on a previously abandoned site owned by Tennessee Gas, according to the company’s FERC application.

S&P Global Platts reports the project would allow additional gas supplies on the Tennessee Gas system to flow from a new interconnect with Southern Natural Gas in Clarke County, Mississippi to a new interconnect with the proposed Gator Express Pipeline in Plaquemines Parish, which would supply feedgas to the LNG terminal. The operator has a 20-year agreement to supply Venture Global with up to 2 Bcf/d of firm transportation service.

S&P Global Platts has the full story.