Capline begins sending crude oil to St. James following reversal


The Capline reversal project to send crude from Patoka, Ill., to St. James, La., began interim service Dec. 18 and entered full service Jan. 1 with initial volumes of about 100,000 b/d, reports S&P Global.

Capline is a 632-mile, 40-inch pipeline system that historically moved crude from the Louisiana Gulf Coast to Midwestern refiners. But, as demand has picked up for crude oil from Canada and the Bakken shale – both for Gulf Coast refiners and export markets – the decision was made to reverse the line and carry crude to the Louisiana Gulf Coast where it has easy access to refineries and LOOP.

Capline, which is owned by Marathon and Plains All American Pipeline, connects to Canada via Enbridge’s Mainline pipeline system Enbridge’s 300,000 b/d Southern Access Extension pipeline. Read the entire story.