Port of Lake Charles expands lease agreement with Big Lake Fuels


The Port of Lake Charles is expanding its long-term lease agreement with Big Lake Fuels by adding 58 acres of port property to reroute a central drainage ditch directly to the Industrial Canal.

Owned by the Houston-based G2X Energy, Big Lake Fuels currently leases 225 acres of port property on Tank Farm Road, where a gas-to-methanol plant will be built. It will produce 1.75 million tons of methanol annually.

Proman, a Switzerland-based methanol producer, owns a majority of G2X. The project has a 3.5-year construction timeline.

The project has been in development since 2013. It was fully permitted and broke ground in 2016, but was put on hold to pursue a project in Beaumont, Texas, that was in the middle of construction. During that time, new permits were applied for, which could reduce emissions based on new technology, the Lake Charles American Press reports.

The rerouted 7.7-mile-long ditch will be on the newly leased property and will improve drainage in the area. The plan calls for lengthening and deepening the new ditch to allow for adequate drainage in the event of a 100-year storm.

The American Press has the full story.