Wave of new drilling permits in Louisiana likely on the way


Drilling requests and rig counts are hitting new highs in the state, reports WBRZ. The number of permit applications is quickly rising after a slow-down amid COVID closures in 2020, a trend that will likely continue.

Only about 26 rigs were operating in 2020; now it’s nearly twice that. “The industry saw a recovery in demand and an increase in the price, so they started drilling more,” says Patrick Courreges, communications director for the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources.

“As the prices recovered … they are able to start drilling again and make a living doing it,” Courreges says.

The war in Ukraine has not yet had any significant effect on drilling operations. “If you see effects from this, you are probably talking about a couple of months down the line before they really have a chance to respond,” Courreges said. Read the entire story.