BP challenges FERC’s oversight of Venture Global LNG plant

(Nick Ansell/PA Wire)

BP PLC has challenged U.S. energy regulators’ approvals of a Venture Global LNG liquefied natural gas export facility, arguing the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has failed to enforce its regulations, Reuters reports.

Venture Global LNG has become a major U.S. exporter of the super chilled gas since it started processing at its Calcasieu Pass plant early in 2022. It has sold more than 200 cargoes of the gas under its own accounts without supplying BP and other long-term contract customers, who have complained they have lost billions in revenue.

BP wrote that FERC’s oversight of LNG facility operations has not met the commissions transparency requirements, including the public disclosure of key facts and documents necessary to ensure that commission’s rulings are being followed. Read more.