Faucheux: Oil industry must get greener to remain vital

Global demand is pushing toward cleaner energy, and Louisiana must follow, according to an oil industry leader in Houma last week, reports Houma Today.

“If we are serious about energy production in Louisiana, and future energy production in Louisiana, we have to be serious about reducing carbon in the atmosphere,” says Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association President Tommy Faucheux. “It does have an impact.”

Faucheux spoke to members of the South Central Industrial Association during a luncheon at the Cypress Columns meeting hall in Gray. Political and market trends are pushing the oil and gas industry toward cleaner output, and government regulations are making it harder to operate, he says.

Oil companies are cutting carbon emissions wherever they can because consumers are demanding it, Faucheux said. Much of this is done through carbon capture, where companies collect carbon byproducts and waste during the production process and store them underground. Read the entire story.