Company touts importance of Haynesville Shale


With its focus on meeting natural gas demand on the Gulf Coast from the Haynesville Shale play in northwest Louisiana, Vine Energy Inc. of Plano, Texas, is preparing to go public, reports Natural Gas Intelligence.

“Associated natural gas from oil-prone drilling was the largest contributor to natural gas supply growth from 2011 to 2019,” says the company’s prospectus. The Haynesville “will be further relied upon to meet natural gas demand growth, driven by increasing electricity demand associated with the global economic recovery, coupled with the continued increase in global LNG cargoes.”

The energy company focuses on the development of natural gas properties in the stacked Haynesville and Mid-Bossier shale plays in the Haynesville Basin of northwest Louisiana. “In contrast to the Haynesville, other sources of natural gas supply, including associated gas from oil-prone drilling and natural gas from the Appalachian region, are facing headwinds in the form of reduced activity and infrastructure constraints.” See the full story.