CF Industries’ Donaldsonville plant plays role in first ship-to-ship ammonia transfer

Morris Johnson, general manager, CF Industries in Donaldsonville

Trafigura Group has completed its first ship-to-ship (STS) transfer of ammonia using approximately 6,000 metric tons of the product from CF Industries’ Donaldsonville manufacturing complex, reports Sea News. The transfer occurred last week in international waters close to the Port of Ceuta in the Strait of Gibraltar.

STS transfers are commonly used for other commodities to load cargo onto more suitable vessels for delivery to the destination; however, until recently they have not been widely adopted by the ammonia industry.

“Importantly, it demonstrates the feasibility of ammonia bunkering in the future as demand grows for the hydrogen-based low-carbon fuels that will enable the shipping industry to decarbonize,” says Andrea Olivi, head of wet freight for Trafigura.

In May 2024, Trafigura signed a contract for four MGCs (Medium Gas Carriers) that will be capable of using low-carbon ammonia as a propulsion fuel when delivered. Read more.