Air Liquide plans $100M air separation unit on Gulf Coast pipeline network to New Orleans

(Courtesy Air Liquide)
Air Liquide says it plans to invest over $100 million in a new air separation unit on its Gulf Coast pipeline network at Ingleside, Texas.
The move follows the signing of a long-term agreement with Steel Dynamics (SDI), one of the largest steel producers and metals recyclers in the U.S., to supply gaseous oxygen, nitrogen, and argon to SDI’s steel mill at Sinton, Texas.
The deal, Air Liquide says, will strengthen its position in the Gulf Coast region, where it provides large volumes of oxygen and nitrogen from Corpus Christi, Texas, to New Orleans via its integrated production and supply pipeline.
The ASU will have the capacity to produce over 770 metric tons/day of oxygen, as well as nitrogen and argon to supply SDI’s planned 3-million metric tons/year steel mill starting up in 2021. Air Liquide will also add 45 kilometers of pipeline connecting SDI to its Gulf Coast pipeline system.