LSU researchers awarded NSF funding to address infrastructure optimization systems


Longstanding challenges to the power grid and other critical infrastructure might begin to be resolved more quickly through quantum computing with the aid of LSU researchers, thanks to a $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation.

LSU electrical and computer engineering and physics researchers will use the award to develop computer algorithms targeting issues that historically have been difficult to solve efficiently, such as optimizing power flow, planning for transmission network expansion, diagnosing faults, and ensuring grid resilience.

The research involving new developments in the field of quantum computing will enable multiple potential solutions being worked on at the same time, leading to an exponential speedup in solving complex optimization problems, according to the announcement..

“We can achieve faster responses to changing energy demands; reduce operational costs; integrate renewable energy sources more effectively; and ultimately create a more stable, cost-efficient, and environmentally-friendly energy system, benefiting society as a whole,” says Amin Kargarian, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering.

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