Chennault gets clearance for international cargo

Courtesy Chennault International Airport

Chennault International Airport in Lake Charles now has federal clearance for international freight.

The airport—long a leader in commercial and military work—is adding air cargo to its portfolio. The airport has established procedures with U.S. Customs and Border Protection enabling 24/7/365 clearance of select international aircraft.

Chennault’s recently completed a $4 million air cargo pass-through facility. The facility includes a 1,000-square-foot finished office area and a 9,000-square foot-warehouse, expandable to 30,000 square feet. The associated aircraft parking apron is 127,000 square feet, able to accommodate both small and large cargo aircraft. The facility was built to accommodate international cargo, in addition to domestic.

The agreement with CBP allows for the clearance into the United States of foreign aircraft, crews, and air cargo utilizing the existing CBP Lake Charles Port of Entry. Foreign air cargo flights as well as maintenance-bound aircraft and crews may now enter the United States at Chennault.

Chennault will facilitate international clearances with U.S. Customs on behalf of industry partners as part of its commitment to grow business. “We are delighted to formalize this relationship with U.S. Customs to ensure foreign clearance capabilities,” said Chennault Executive Director Kevin Melton. “Our Gulf Coast location is an ideal airport for aircraft from Latin America to enter the United States and we are now able to clear those aircraft here.”

Melton said Chennault is ready to work closely with customers to efficiently enable certification of the facility and “has anticipated the need for and will assist the industry with fencing, data, security, and other measures necessary for our new facility to receive international cargo.”