What Capital Region plant managers are saying about growth in next six months

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Capital Region plant managers expect steady or growing investment, production and employment over the next six months, according to a Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance survey.

The petrochemical industry is one of the region’s main economic drivers. Plant managers weighed in on what they believe the next six months will be like for their operations.

“It’s looking pretty promising in terms of growth,” says Jessica Pranjic, GBRIA’s manager of communications and workforce development. “If you look back at the quarters before this, there was still a lot of hesitancy, and a lot of ‘no change’ in those areas. This time, there’s a lot more increase [expected].”

According to GBRIA’s 2022 first-quarter forecast:

  • 48% of respondents expect their plant’s production to increase in the next six months, while 52% expect no change;
  • 43% expect their company’s capital investment to increase, while 57% expect no change;
  • 39% expect company employment to increase, while 61% expect no change;
  • 43% expect contract employment to increase, while 52% expect no change and 4% expect a decrease.