New Lake Area Industry Alliance director’s focus: connecting industry and community

Lake Area Industry Alliance Executive Director Jim Rock

Lake Area Industry Alliance Executive Director Jim Rock tells the Lake Charles American Press he’s proud his new position allows him to be a “cheerleader for industry.”

In an interview last week with the newspaper, Rock detailed many of the financial and other contributions of industrial firms operating in southwest Louisiana—including their payment of $334 million in total sales taxes since 2014.

“Industry has such a positive impact with taxes, with jobs, tourism and I don’t think everyone is aware of that,” he said. “I’m very proud to have this job; it’s something I have a passion for and I’m very excited about it.”

Rock previously worked at PPG/Axiall for 39 years and was part of the Lotte Chemical project. He told the newspaper his main focus now is to provide a channel of communication between industry and the community, elected officials, educators, civic leaders and area organizations.

The 22-member alliance represents chemical manufacturing plants, refineries, utilities and LNG facilities and acts as a liaison with the Louisiana Chemical Association and the Louisiana Chemical Industry Alliance.

“Our purpose is to educate local, state and national leaders on issues affecting business, industry and trade and encourage industry to be good stewards of the environment,” Rock told the American Press. “We also work with local education leaders to enhance the education system to meet present and future needs of the industrial community. We also encourage industry to participate in community activities, and those workers actually do a lot of volunteering in our communities.”

The Lake Charles American Press has the full story.