Texas, Louisiana poised to win the carbon capture sweepstakes


The success or failure of a rapidly growing carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) sector is shaping up to be a matter of survival for the oil and gas sector as the world community treads down the path of the “energy transition,” reports Forbes. With so much riding on a company’s emissions profile and ESG score, CCUS has become one of the best means of improving those metrics.

In a recent report titled CCUS Play Fundamentals, analysts at big energy information and analytics firm Enverus point out that Louisiana and Texas stand to gain the most from CCUS due to a specific set of factors:

  • A large number of emitters concentrated in a compact area
  • Close proximity to high-capacity underground pore space
  • Necessary pipeline and other key infrastructure
  • A project lead company with the internal expertise required to manage the project
  • Supportive regulatory and policy frameworks that incentivize capital to flow to CCUS

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