Sustainable ‘shore power’ to service tugboats in Lake Charles

Courtesy Port of Lake Charles

The Port of Lake Charles has entered into an agreement with Crowley and Entergy Louisiana to provide “shore power” to Crowley tugboats while they are docked. Shore power is a portside electrical connection that runs to a vessel at City Docks while its main and auxiliary engines are shut down.

Before, vessels used onboard diesel generators at the docks. “The port is excited about this new project to better serve our customers and to help reduce local emissions,” says Richert Self, executive director of the Port of Lake Charles, in a press release.

Crowley aims to be the most sustainable and innovative maritime and logistics solutions provider in the Americas by 2025. As such, the tugboat sector has begun to use cleaner fuels and alternative energy technology on vessels.

“The reduction in diesel usage and emissions through idling is an important step as we develop new and cleaner energy solutions that maintain our high-performance standards while protecting air quality,” says Greg Pavellas, director of Crowley offshore services.

In the coming months, Entergy Louisiana will install the equipment needed to serve the Crowley tugs. Installing the infrastructure will reduce CO2 emissions by the port by more than 500 metric tons per year.