Partnership will store hydrogen in Louisiana salt caverns

Hydrogen Storage

Mitsubishi Power Americas and Texas Brine Company are collaborating to develop large-scale, long-duration hydrogen storage solutions in Louisiana and other locations to support decarbonization efforts, reports Green Car Congress.

The collaboration expands Mitsubishi Power’s capability to store hydrogen safely and cost effectively in salt caverns in strategic locations across North America. The nation’s largest brine producer, Texas Brine, and its affiliates have salt positions in Louisiana, New York, Virginia and Texas that will enable access to major load centers.

Expanding the use of salt caverns for hydrogen energy storage would create an infrastructure for clean energy resources to benefit the power, transportation and manufacturing industries that are targeting net zero carbon emissions.

The collaboration complements Mitsubishi Power’s growing portfolio of hydrogen-ready gas turbines by positioning large-scale hydrogen storage in close proximity to projects, enabling access to economical utility-scale renewable energy storage.

There are other symbiotic benefits. Brine, a mixture of salt and water, is produced during the solution mining of salt formations. It can then be used as a critical feedstock for the chemical industry, or it can be dehydrated to produce salt for food, deicing, agricultural, industrial, and water softening markets. See the full story.