Louisiana has become carbon capture capital of the South

Gov. John Bel Edwards. (AP Photo/Lee Celano, File)

Louisiana has become the carbon capture capital of the South, propelled by federal funding promoting carbon dioxide sequestration technology, a governor focused on reducing climate-changing emissions and the geological formations to make it possible, reports The Daily Advertiser.

During the past year the combination of those factors has led to $6.1 billion in announced carbon capture projects promising hundreds of new permanent jobs and thousands of construction jobs in Louisiana.

“We’re a natural fit for it,” says Gov. John Bel Edwards. “This is where capital investment is going to continue to flow.” Last week, the electric utility Cleco announced the latest such project in Louisiana, a $900 million plan to capture and store underground 95% of the carbon released from its coal-fueled plan near Boyce. Read the entire story.