Denbury adds carbon sequestration site in Louisiana


Denbury Inc. announced July 21 that it had signed a definitive agreement with a landowner near Donaldsonville to lease approximately 18,000 acres for future CO2 sequestration.

The site is located in Assumption and St. James Parishes, less than five miles from the Company’s existing CO2 Green Pipeline and in close proximity to the Louisiana Industrial Corridor, one of the highest geographic concentrations of industrial CO2 emissions in the U.S.

Denbury estimates more than 50 million metric tons per year of existing stationary COemissions are located within 30 miles of the site. The company anticipates the site will have high CO2 injectivity and total sequestration capacity of more than 80 million metric tons of CO2. Denbury estimates first potential CO2 injection for the site as early as 2025. Read the entire announcement.