New Canadian plant to aid $750 million biomass facility in Ascension Parish

John Bissel, co-founder and CEO, Origin Materials

Origin Materials’ first commercial site will soon begin making chloromethyl furfural, a chemical used to make plastic, and hydrothermal carbon, used for carbon black in making tires, reports The Sarnia Observer.

The Ontario plant, dubbed “Origin 1,” will also give Origin production knowledge that it will use at a larger plant the company has announced for Louisiana. Origin Materials’ anticipated $750 million “Origin 2” biomass manufacturing facility in Ascension Parish will go beyond mere carbon neutrality. In fact, the owners expect the plant to be carbon-negative once operational in mid-2025.

“(The Ontario plant) lets us get our feet under us from the manufacturing perspective,” says John Bissel, co-founder and CEO, Origin Materials. “We have a lot of expert folks in manufacturing on the team, but they’re all coming from different places.” Read the entire story.