Activists push back against LNG plants in southwest Louisiana

Mike Moncla, LOGA president

Justin Kray, a member of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, a statewide nonprofit dedicated to environmental issues, says the impacts of climate change in Cameron Parish will only be worsened by the area’s burgeoning LNG industry, reports the Lafayette Daily Advertiser.

“At the current stage, we’re kind of at a tipping point, where three of these plants have been built and are operating,” Kray says. “But still, the majority of them are still in the permitting and exploration permitting phase. So there is still opportunity to kind of come to some terms of reckoning.”

Mike Moncla, president of the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association, argues that LNG is one of the cleanest energy sources on the market.

“Our increased reliance on natural gas over the past few years has resulted in the lowest CO2 levels the power sector has seen in nearly three decades,” Moncla says in a statement. “The U.S. Energy Information Administration attributes this benefit to the use of natural gas for energy production.”

Furthermore, LNG is critical for global energy and reducing emissions, President of Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association Tommy Faucheux said in an email.

“As we all look to meet climate goals, natural gas, including natural gas transported as LNG, is an essential building block for a cleaner energy future, and as an affordable and low-carbon energy choice,” he said.┬áRead the entire story.