State lawmakers backing bills to protect gasoline-powered vehicles


Louisiana lawmakers are considering legislation this session that would prohibit limits on buying or selling cars and trucks with combustible engines, and capping the number of electric vehicles in the state’s public fleet, USA Today Network reports.

Republican Lake Charles Rep. Phillip Tarver’s House Bill 341 would prohibit any law restricting the purchase of combustible-powered vehicles, while Rosepine Rep. Chuck Owen’s House Bill 201 would cap electric vehicles in the state fleet at 3%.

Tarver’s proposal advanced through the House Transportation Committee on Monday, while Owen deferred a vote on his bill to explore combining it with Tarver’s legislation.

“This preserves the right of citizens to choose the method of transportation they prefer,” Tarver said while presenting his bill.

Others who testified in favor of the bill cited states where future restrictions are in place like California, where all new vehicles must be electric or hydrogen-powered by 2034.

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