Rising costs threaten development of U.S. offshore wind industry


There was both good and bad news last week for the fledgling U.S. offshore wind industry, reports Louisiana Illuminator.

On Halloween, the Biden administration announced that the nation’s largest planned offshore wind development, Dominion Energy’s 2,600 megawatt Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project, received its last major federal approval.

The same day, however, Danish wind giant Ørsted pulled the plug on a pair of projects (Ocean Wind 1 and 2) that were planned off New Jersey, citing climbing interest rates, inflation and supply chain bottlenecks. The news touched off a firestorm in New Jersey, which has set some of the most aggressive offshore wind goals in the country and gone to considerable lengths to plan the transmission upgrades needed to bring all that power ashore.

The same financial headwinds have many U.S. offshore wind developers looking to renegotiate deals as the costs of their projects climb. And it’s casting some doubt on whether states like Louisiana and the Biden administration will be able to hit their offshore wind targets on time.

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