LSU researchers seek to reduce emissions associated with natural gas use


LSU chemical engineering faculty are researching ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions when natural gas is used for energy and chemical production, according to an LSU announcement.

The research, in coordination with engineers from Pennsylvania State University, is funded by a $512,316 National Science Foundation grant.

The team is developing a chemical catalyst that uses the carbon dioxide created in natural gas combustion for energy production and combines it with small amounts of water to create synthesis gas, which is used for other chemical processes and plastics production. Synthesis gas is currently created using other methods, but this process would reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions by taking advantage of the carbon already produced when natural gas is burned.

As part of this study, the LSU and Penn State researchers will conduct an economic analysis to select the best structure and material combination for the chemical catalyst.

The project is one of several efforts across Louisiana that aim to reduce overall carbon emissions, including $6 billion in planned carbon capture projects as well as Grön Fuels’ renewable fuels complex going up in West Baton Rouge Parish. Read the full story from LSU.