Louisiana seeks federal money for hydrogen research


Louisiana plans to partner with two other states — Arkansas and Oklahoma — to form a regional research hub in developing “clean hydrogen,” reports WWNO.

The bulk of the $8 billion available in federal funding would fund at least four of what it calls “Clean Hydrogen Regional Hubs.” The three states would compete for the federal funding together, and, if awarded, share any information that comes out of the research within their universities or the private sector. Leaders of each state said their interests are aligned, already connected by pipeline networks, railroad and river transport as well as oil and gas production.

The move comes after the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law dedicated $9.5 billion toward ramping up the use of hydrogen as fuel to cut carbon emissions and limit global warming.

“This is an extension of Louisiana’s ongoing efforts in diversifying the makeup of our energy sources and ensuring an economically and environmentally balanced approach to cleaner use of traditional fuels and transition to new potential energy sources,” Gov. John Bel Edwards said in a press release. Read the entire story.